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and rapidity of the cutaneous circulation are increased. The secretions

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times thrown up. The most successful treatment consists in allaying

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returns of the enumerators as to causes of death upon which

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administration of strophanthin or pure digitalis glucosides it may in


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shooting because a sudden pull may deflect one s aim

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fo his long service to the sick and endeared him to his associates.

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As to the different kinds of ileus of miserere mei or miserere

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Summary Inflammation of the eyes with keratitis of some months

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The next intermediate general meeting of this Branch will be held at

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classes on the managing boards. There are obvious precautions to

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could not recall to mind a single instance of having to regret the

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syndrome. The vast majority are discovered by routine chest

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each sub division. If my paper appears disconnected in

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continued two or three Weeks after this a Courfe of Bath or

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consisted in puncturing the sac within the mouth evacuating its

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ally alcohol exert an irritating influence upon the laryngeal

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pneumonia. The different causes of the coloration of the expectoration are

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ordinary aniline dyes being found inside the pus cells it

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ounce. Let each be finely pulverized and mix thoroughly.

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a marked anaesthesia and analgesia. The special senses are more

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extensive completely mounted and well furnished. Obviously