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negative pressure ceases the intercostal spaces will con

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One point that I failed to mention in regard to the differentia

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less. Hence in cases where no autopsy is performed the

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Des auto intoxications dans les maladies mentales. j rch.

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The bites and stings o insects cause considerable smarting and if

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elbow joints as the primary manifestation of the gout we have a very

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chymatous nephritis when once established is as hopeless as tuberculous

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oped behind a cyst of the orbit while the coincidence

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mistaken opinion that the use of spirits secures the body from

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down to the opening about the size of a lead pencil

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certain sections of the press of this country as a veterinarian of

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to be of the small celled variety it was taken from the

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any very definite conclusions being drawn. The chief points of

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Australian cricketers came here he had enquired into the

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facts determined were obtained with so much originality

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was no dysphagia. In September her general health became much

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of a powder I used this iodomol following Eobert Morris in six

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Removal of the loose piece was decided upon and done with

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and children not being paupers who have no means of procuring such

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other methods again enters the foreground of treatment Here it

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service. Every ex soldier in this category is taken

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ago as S he had read a paper before the Medico chi

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committee which complimented us upon our laboratory facilities

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drachm doses dissolved in six or eight ounces of water and

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