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the sebaceous glands and the perifollicular papules. This may go on to
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of atheroma. The existence of acute nephritis toward
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tlammatory nature although some of the microscopical features of the specimens
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operation with ultimate recovery or death ensues from tuberculosis
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legitimate marriage. Yet all these facilities given by
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of Boston asking for data and photographs regarding Dr. Morton s
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recording for the benefit of future generations the
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mother in regulating the bowels and watching the diet of the child.
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gives us white swelling of the knee the so called scrofulous for lack
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flower dried in the shade and kept in well closed tin
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certainty of a mathematical equation yet it has now only two years we
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and when he learns how to cure himself by an understanding of
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to say that Sir James Simpson passed from this life as he had
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In fracture of the clavicle a Sayre dressing Fig. is espe
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has been under way for about one month under the super
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application of the Tuberculin Test as applied by the Govern
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end in perforation and fistula fistula with large internal
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understand would be totally unfitted for South African service.
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Venezuela in but was given up on account of the war in that
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serious omens by rendering it subcutaneous by an ar
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of outlet. If the quantity of feeling is small the lines of
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by the ordinary method of incision are lit to return to duty I
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have run together into a large irregular excavation. The surface upon which
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are perhaps the result of the general intoxication produced by this
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eral microscopical specimens of tumors of the kidney.
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Craig has reported work along the same line. He injected large amounts
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had been paid to him since the last meeting for certificates and
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wet. The object of the cold compress is the reduction