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returning nodules of the disease. He also pointed out that the

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Astringent That which causes contraction of the bowels or vital

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patient around from the bleak north side of the mountains

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warm applications care should be taken to pass a probe

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between the apparatus and the tissues with a view to modify

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These however I omit for the sake of brevity. I will relate

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advanced a stage of thoracic aneurism that spinal absorption had

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lined with the peritoneum and between these lie the muscular coats of

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to act once or twice daily the stools presenting nothing remark

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of the cases ending in death. The prognosis depends largely upon the

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better than any amount of drainage tubes or antiseptic

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organ known as a free nerve termination. The sense of pain in man

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cerned but let us suppose that our city had been aflfticted with

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ated compress placed at the vulva. By this means slow and gradual

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appendix. Personally he had not met with that experi

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point of the cuff of the peritoneum reflected over on

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Mendelsohn who reports nine cases in which without fracture of the

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tissue but the nerve fibres themselves do not unite.

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mon to every crime. It is wrong to steal because civilization could not

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These supine and helpless patients when left to the

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quaint you with the current knowledge of the menstrual

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practice of medicine in Madison New York the same year where

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procured some evacuation from the bowels and the urine was

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sclerotic margin at the outer side just beyond the projectiBg

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possibly be prevented by the wound remaining in a fistulous

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Under differential diagnosis we have only to consider the diagnosis of

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intoxication in tetany is also to be found in the admirable researches of

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had been reserved for still further centrale experimentation

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higher altitude is remarkable but the intense expansion

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fact with very few exceptions can be laid to injudicious care

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out by efficient sanitary measures efficiently employed.

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important part in the various pathological processes which constitute dis

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passed into oblivion. Some forms of shock however may be beneficial

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serves at least one very definite purpose in thus causing the