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the rapid production and more or less constant maintenance, within
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in the vessels. The spleen was fourteen centimeters in length, and
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Husted, Nathaniel C, Tarrytown, Westchester Co. Founder.
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had his patient been of the other sex, he would have regarded
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of the deep fascia or two incisions at a right angle, creating a
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ceeding the above number of species of weeds shall be included in any
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' Historical Notes on the Discovery of the Nasal Erectile Tissue.
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note that the only woman studied gave off much more water. This
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are created, and exist in the stomach and bowels for a
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which, however, they can he roused into perfect, though tran
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result lli;it the sugar disappeared in about a month.
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ever cross the border ; they say they are tempted to
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air. It cost3 practically nothing, and forms the illuminator and
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well-marked rigor is promptly followed by a rapid rise in the temperature,
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bed. His temperature during the chill did not rise, but he was
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ever, to find persisting the ancient classical idea that the
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the calomel in the process of solution, it is to be regretted the author
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Upon examination per rectum, he discovered an enlargement of the prostate
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under the judicious use of stimulants and the external application of dry
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diagnosis and prognosis. The presence of albumen in
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organized propaganda, soon be brought into line, and an active
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our advice to a patient who presents herself with a mass in the
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the most extraordinary examples upon record. At the
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before Versam ml. d. Vorstande d. deutsch. staatl. Lymphe-Gewinnungsanstalt. ,
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have Mr. Locke turned out, in order to get his place
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disease. Erb has described a syphilitic spinal paralysis, of which he
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induced to swallow, this swelling rose during the act of
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diseases of the respiratory organs, treat of this condi-
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in the first number of the Journal of Physiology, conducted
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there are undoubtedly those who, differing in their convic-
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tion is the pain, and opium is here our mainstay, for it main-
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has not been an indefinite result recorded. Of these thirty-one