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edge and to devote our energies to bridging the gap.

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urine. He narrates some interesting cases where turbidity of the urine

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its influence in twenty one minutes. Anaesthesia was maintained

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side of the Island of Salsett through which the road from Bombay

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gation of blood states the speaker cited eighteen cases

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cellular influenzal pneumonia are well recognised varieties of lung inflam

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greater and more important are in the near future. Tropical

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American flag. Satisfactory proof of my qualifications may be had and

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few widows reported with great resentment the comment

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They are slower during sleep than during wakefulness

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New York and a full Medical Faculty was regularly organized under

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it would appear that nearly every case had been removed. Twelve

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monkey sources. A comparison of the figures in Table with the

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the leech bites has continued during the ni jht in the

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the profession in this State required that some step be

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elephantiasis mutilans enucleation of bones production of deformed

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not see how he could first infect the mother as Dr. Meldon

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April. as the elTcct of immoderate athletic sports and

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Alosler places most reliance is tartar emetic in small doses. Experi

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cases of alcoholic delirium the heart must be carefully watched

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tion of a process be separated from the cell body that part degenerates

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employed consists of i an aspirator similar to that of

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a product of the distillation of the white birch. This is made into

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tain in the middle in which a live eel disported itself a fig

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institutions for the treatment of this disease nor has he suffi

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the last quinquennial period as compared with the second

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carried it far outside the boundaries of the square.

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States iarine Hospital Service while so commissioned or

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the French Merino. The improvement was so successfully carried on

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picion of the presence of the injury it would be advisa

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received four another three and two others two treatments while

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involuntarily he grinds his teeth twitchings steal over his face and

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for the Board of Health doubtless not wishing to be

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elegance of form about the women s waists either before or after