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Because of the generally acknowledged difficulties at times of differ

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which led to the distinction of the different classes of nerves

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tural tests are of the greatest aid to diagnosis. Clin

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size of a pinhole and when the patient desired to pass water he

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some difficidty for the physical signs are identical being due

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neys slightly granular. Stomach mucosa thickened and red covered

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It is however an interesting question whether the Contagious Dis

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and so prove a great source of irritation if allowed to re

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or this morning. I desired to make a post mortem examination of the

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Chairman Ferguson We will pass to the next paper The

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reason for the purchase. Death by carbolic acid is death

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sinuses since these are partly embedded in the cranium itself and are

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Sib Judges and counsel are not disinclined to censure doctors

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of the skin are frequent in China they are those of a scrofulous

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during labor and a considerable one in the early puerperium.

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in type occurs commonly in this affection of the glandular

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With regard to the sex of the patients in my list were

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time more inhuman than blistering to remove disease par

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pleural effusions. He referred to the greater frequency of right sided

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that our present magnificent organization has been evolved.

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their value and do not feel competent to pronounce an opinion upon

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surfaces transfixion of the intestine while closing a wound in

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symptoms common at once both to alterations of the liver and

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and address of the author. It is a condition of com

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put a great quantity of charpie wet with the solution and this