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toiodide is the only preparation of mercury of which we have yet spoken, it

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tions, and ended fatally in spite of treatment; the case

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portion of their muscles, removed and magnified, reveal the Trichi-

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•61197 Ewart, J. Cossar-. Manual of practical anatomy —

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in the regulations for hospitals in the field, that medical officers

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«« on perforating ulcer of the. By Drs. Duplay and Morat 224

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The same thing is true of exudation as of absorption. For in exu-

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taneous, or produced by the deliberate act of the patient.

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1 ■ I fV.^ 1 ^ /I ir. T,nr.c.ii^rr instrument is continued up by a rod

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The great majority of the homes have small tanks, into which all

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Acute and Chronic Endocarditis and Pericarditis ; Myocarditis ;

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nephew of the Treasurer of Guy's Hospital, was rector of

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which we live, milk which has not been subjected to

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Parties desiring to join in this co-operative seed test in

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Naturally gristle is found in the larynx and the ex-

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cylindro-conoidal bullets shown in fig. 33, in accordance with the

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three solutions of different strengths. The medium solution is pre-

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of the disease ; but it is often difficult to prove any such sequence.

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or the most interesting points in the causation of stra-

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tion has recently taken place at Bethleliem, N. II.

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assisted materially in repairing the wound. The inference to be drawn from

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tated. The infl6ence ceases after division of the splanchnic nerve. Schiff

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physiologic effects are gone according to available evidence. However, in case of emer-

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discharge from a multiple metallic point electrode. The apparatus

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by gunpowder. It is the combination of conditions by means of

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deals with all classes, gets at one of the practical solu-

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uterus may not empty itself for days or weeks, while the

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getting stronger every day. He prescribed two or three dif-

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of his hands. To-day ho wont up to tlio top landing,

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and sulphonal ; gastric digestion, however, is slowed by