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ers that fcEcal matter is still discharged even in considerable

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knowledge of the pathological physiology of the labyrinth when he informs

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disappears under pressure and swelling which is due to serous

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slight infection occurred the wound was partially opened and thoroughly

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different committees especially the Committee on Papers and

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A more directly vascular origin for the disease was suggested as early

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have shown that the height of the blood pressure is not a definite

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then often so abundant as to become itself a source of danger by

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tingling which persists after the spasm has passed off. The affected parts

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and in five minutes more they ceased altogether. The

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bnT to the anterior fold of the axilla. He experienced great

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to limit our speculations to movements of gross molecular

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tities of straw colored urine decubitus supine legs flexed on

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in the hospital in which he was assistant the mortality rate

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medical witnesses in regard to this particular subject

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nor would they appear in less than eight days whereas for the secor

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next few years the number entering the profession is too small to

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It will certainly be conceded that it is better to do

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paresthesia in the supply of the nerve motor paralysis

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with regard to the interference by the surgeon in cases

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effect however is only temporary. The article is not very convincing

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we have the remarkable structures known as the Graafian follicles. Each

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exce jt by moral suasion or arguments of a practical character addressed

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