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cble to save the life of one out of three patients brought

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operation to those cataract extractions in which an iri

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Ovariotomy is the only operation that may be compared with

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care were operated on and recovery took place in though

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death rate from all causes and the infrequency of septi

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such a body will be a qualification to practise from one

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things are done. This is easy for a surgeon for he is

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of mucus or blood. At the autopsy the colon was found riddled with

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was very low. After May th his temperature did not go

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numerous finer variations in the motor relations of the heart and in

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there were in the single city of Alexandria no less than

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Wards of the Hospital upon payment of three shillings per day.

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mentioned in the following it is understood that it is not

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different client companies in the metro area and region.

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geon s art. This was a great triumph for Desault but its

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tifies with Pinkus pseudolymphemia. The chronic malignant form cor

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zoster of the trunk and nowhere extended beyond the median line of

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early and the patient can change his work. Otherwise the cases run a

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incalculable divisibility of matter. Dr. Scoutteten who lives at

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ally upon the scalp face or shoulders they are about the size

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right ventricle but is otherwise normal the interventricular septum is

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have false positives confirmation assays are used to

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mated his intention of withdrawing from the official position which he

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association of these affections is rare. According to Luethje gout

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in which there were less tangible lesions of the blood

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from passing into wells. Much may be done by making

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by violent vomiting purging collapse and death in about fifty per

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every reason to believe that with her the disease would

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the convulsions were frequently repeated until they

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to the committee and took recourse to its customers the

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wise an increased resistance against infection by those

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deaths with hardly any medication should also be ac

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which we most rely. This is espec ially true in children at least

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tional opportuuities have been afforded for the study

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health during two months when her menses disappeared forever the

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increase in size as the rate of cooling is diminshed they are

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ing and diarrhoea delirium with motor excitement and convulsions fol

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the stomach which proved fatal in the course of two days. Such cases

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sympathetic system by the administration of ergot so as to bring