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The overwhelming edema of the lungs rapidly follows exposure
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down to the xyphoid cartilage and the liver dulness did not rise
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tion of the skin characterized by the more or less sudden development
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lowever to be limited in identifying cerebral edema or
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mulated the Glands to a Difcharge of Matter However a few Purges
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Fig.. Showing the front of the leg and the dorsum of the
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and catch the hands of the nearest bystander to assist the straining
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Lupus faciei behandelt efter Thiersch s Metode. A case of
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perpetrated by the red tape machinery of the head quar
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protruded tongue trembles and there may be difficulty in swallowing.
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tlie cerebellum. Whether the tumour was of the nature of a
a Resident Medical Officer and that a Committee should
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Bivalve shells aa the Oyster in some of the Multivalves
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specific action exercising a surprising influence on the disease in the
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extent in the gastric juice. As the germs are killed
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Evening. Enema operated well and gave sensible relief.
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As to the frequency of congenital rickets there is a wide discrepancy
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of a man disturbed in his occupation by some fuss of
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ready. His added years may double his service to the
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puscles. The bronchial glands and frequently the mediastinal
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The Killian operation is the best suited and gives the best
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has been under way for about one month under the super
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Certain curative properties are possessed both by the
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ness of glanders was recognised as early as the seventeenth
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the outside abuse of one of the most honourable and inde
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