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sented a lengthy report dealing principally with anthrax as per

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The objective signs are a whitish exudation lining the

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dients eliminated by the kidneys. The tissues require for

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mortality produced by Haffkine s Plague Protective Serum the mor

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the second cuneiform bone dorsal flexion of the toes occurs under normal

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disease since the congestion of the retina and choroid

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NEWPORT UNION Salop Medical Officer for District No. s per annum.

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Several pieces of necrosed bone subsequently escaped her gen

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may be useful as disinfectants in the blood and tissues.

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Regulations shall make a statement in writing of the transaction which he deems

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those occupied by the night lodgers but that the presence

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ever no cause can be found beyond the fact that the

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made to save himself when thrown forward on the deck. In

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Quinine will ever be the chief and only reliable an

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it is only with effort that he can grasp the subject of his

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If the water of a pool absorbs the pretended poison why does not

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KoUofrath and Thornei have each removed foi eign bodies from the

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successfully transplanted four inches and a half of Flexor Tendon

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Xo certainty exists as to the origin of these neoplasms the

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Dr. A. McPhedran of Toronto reported cases of sporadic cretin

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dipartinjnt. It is safj to say that if this could have

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tation of nutritive and formative activities in the uterus and