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of the original eruption and also on its being distinct or confluent. It
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a sequel of any other afifection. My own experience
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emptying their contents. The operation had been per
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mass was detected in the left hypochondrium and loin and
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with which one genuine worker should regard another that
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remains in her father s house for a certain time or until
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Both agar and broth were sterilized in the autoclave and at the
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length of the mesentery. In these cases he proposes to
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corded of horses having lived for more than fifty years.
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interesting to inquire whether the pathological picture presented
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practical point of view caused his mind to open to the
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colleague Professor Senn that by the use of decalcified
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the acidity is due partly to free acids and partly to acid
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drawing from the patient the physical and especially the mental
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pended. The hospital he states to be clean and well
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farious plot Gerrit Smith retired to an insane asylum at
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The average earnings rni une the average weekly wages or income during the
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the remaining healthy parts by these new formations without the
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under the patient. Another white sheet is then placed under the
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Alosler places most reliance is tartar emetic in small doses. Experi
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Heinrich Dehio carried out a series of experiments on the
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the segments are imperfectly coapted during the systole muscular in
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each case the first drop taken was used for determining
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sebacic acid which acts readily on many metals as lead
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Opium decisive benefit if opium be used at all it should be in
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cause anxiety provided the weight did not diminish. If
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who by his work in our pharmacological laboratories has been
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We will now consider the practitioner s duty to his col
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vulsions and coma are rare and exceptional phenomena j while
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the apprehension that the heart will discontinue its functions
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members to the Association. Dr. Steele may be congratulated on th
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scissors applied the forceps and delivered the child.
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on whose knowledge and integrity implicit reliance can be