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The Thumb and Lunacy. — ^The following is an inter-
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omy was necessary, in order to loosen it and permit its re-
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SUSPIRIA DE PROFUNOIS. With Portrait. Price 75 cents.
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apt to make people faint. It is important to know that
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with mutual advantage, if the X-ray department were suitably placed —
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Anatomical Appearaj^cbs. — ^The exact pathological lesion in mumps
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session, and had been the subject of much sharp dis-
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trials of assay equipment combinations devised by our staff in chemistry.
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to private uses, except where in the latter cases the
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self-registering one, was entirely of glass and 1 13 mm.
Washington, D. C, on February 20 and 21, 1901, at 11 o'clock a. m.,
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often substituted for Bael. Though they bear a close
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upon personal reasons, but is substantially and authoritatively
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mas are diffuse, and incomplete resections have been treated
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of human kindness as well as your professional skill.
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hot skin ; tongue moist and coated ; pulse of natu-
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dently large hospital experience and an abundance of ciinical material
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authorities I must say. that with an observation of
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from their c>ld customs. Now, however, there was a
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wounds in a particular manner, and forthwith he announces to
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important clinical symptoms and signs than to an apparently nega-
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had operated schemes for sending obscene matter through
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