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Among the more recent discoveries which deserve special mention
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increased dullness on percussion shortness of breath amounting
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wall. The outermost layer is the adventitia consisting of
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other persons who use their voice much why does not sour
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newspapers and in other ways a considerable sum was
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of contagion one producing chancre the other syphilis.
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fibre while another class supplies heat for the body and forma
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somewhat enlarged. I told the patient that I thought she was preg
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says Sir James Johnston and the same may be said of our
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horizon of scientific research which shine with greater bril
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now binding on us and our universities that we uphold that
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were affected more than is usual in sciarlet fever and the moth
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neck of the bladder and at the glans penis coming on fre
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cell which receives the termination of the axis cylinder
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they would take special interest in that section. It was
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rients massage of the sphincter and the injection of
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With a persistently low index neither the Finsen light
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tumor may be so situated at the porta hepatis as to par
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It has promoted closer association among the wives and the Auxiliary
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pleted on the grounds of the Municipal Hospital. The
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United States. List of practices for sale and otlier informa
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placed in front of the right eye the patient sees two
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so fully described in our books that it is useless to en
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except that the swollen right arm was slightly less sensitive to touch
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clinical diagnosis of osteoporosis is usually not made until
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habitually beyond the physiological or recoverable period the