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drugs as salicylic acid and acid sodium oleate are used with

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the conditions change. Treat the conditions as they are

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forward on account of the deficiency of the septum in

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have to turn to other subjects than those which we have before

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We arc therefore obliged to look t the metabolism of the

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other hand that there has seldom been an instance of the white

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essential conditions of this accident. As before stated

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Before proceeding to sum up the work of the session Dr.

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Treatment. Careful diet and administration of bicarbonate of soda.

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The sixth chapter discusses the quality choice and cooking of

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they are excited by imagination or memory but the repetition

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and the crisis Here we have the same old story the same

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a convulsant in guinea pigs and Donath has followed up this line of

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of the sun. The subcutaneous tissues also lose their elas

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was one of the causes of death. The substance of the lung is

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The local application of copper has been the means of causing

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insomnia by mental suggestion and reports three cases

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consumed in coffee and tea has much to do with the causation

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encysted calculus successfully removed by supra pubic

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general interest among physicians abroad and in this country. The

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volved are in the elevation of the lower jaw the tem

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good drawings and he was quite sure that if he were to place

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usually occurs between the ages of forty and sixty